Explore the conscious and unconscious patterns of human emotions captured in the artist’s most cutting-edge algorithm.

Looming Emotion is an algorithmic art collection that depicts the conscious and unconscious habitual routines distracting individuals from the unresolved emotions lurking behind them, which contribute to many of life's challenges.

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Inspired by the transformative qualities of glass, Looming Emotion abstracts expressions into geometric shapes, producing imagery that, while abstract, retains a striking semblance of reality. The algorithm draws upon three primary inspirations including the diverse glass sculptures of Tom Patti, organic designs seen in wood carving artworks and the distinctive distortion of light as it passes through glass.

Crafted using Three.js, this creation employs intricate noise motifs that interact with each other, resulting in a mesmerizing visual display. These patterns alter the material properties of a procedurally generated grid of tiles, imbuing each element with depth and variability. Designed to render stunning real-time animations, it also offers print-quality outputs and an adaptable aspect ratio. This flexibility allows for customization to suit diverse applications. A detailed breakdown tool provides a comprehensive, step-by-step insight into the entire process.

The interplay between the tint of the glass and the colors of the backdrop, along with lighting elements, creates a unique visual experience. The artwork showcases a rich spectrum of noise variations, from soft, smooth textures to vigorous, dynamic distortions through which the complexity of each piece is heightened.

For most people, there exists a substantial aspect of life that should be the main focus in life, but which gets ignored. This artwork encapsulates this common tendency to overlook that significant aspiration or priority, which looms subtly in the background as a sphere, overshadowed by other perceived "important" or superficial matters. It abstracts the various ways individuals can do this, into visuals of different overlaying patterns. The buried aspects of life are the unaddressed looming emotions, yet there remains a desire to resolve them.


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