A Vintage Sci-fi Ode to Imagination and Technology.

Crafted through the seamless melding of JavaScript and P5.js, this piece of generative art echoes a song of emotions, weaving a tale of a time yet to come, a dance between the past and the future.

It unravels in the style of isometric illusions, each twist and turn carving out a depth, a dimension, luring the onlooker into a labyrinth of intricate details, of abstract forms blooming from the ground beneath.

Colors borrowed from the palettes of vintage science fiction film posters paint the canvas of the mind with waves of nostalgia and marvel, awakening visions of unexplored cosmos and fantastical futures.



As figures sprout from the ground, a metaphor of hope and expansion manifests, painting a picture of novel ideas and opportunities arising from the fathomless depths of human imagination.

The rhythm of subdivision and circle packing algorithms orchestrates a harmonious symphony of structured growth and methodical chaos, as if the patterns are blooming in a cosmic dance, constantly adapting and evolving.

It whispers tales of our inherent longing for metamorphosis and novelty, an homage to the infinite potential hidden within us and the world we inhabit.

At its core, this generative marvel is a tribute to our thirst for innovation, evolution, and the power of imagination, a siren's call luring us to voyage into the infinity of possibilities within ourselves and our world.

The emotional resonance of this piece resonates in its ability to spark wonder, to ignite the ember of potentiality, a gentle reminder of the constant enchantment that surrounds us, the everyday miracles of existence.



1 - Subdivision Algorithm

In the realm of endless possibilities, we first draft the celestial map - our canvas of creation.

With the Subdivision Algorithm, we draw the intricate grid, a cosmic lattice where each cell cradles a potential masterpiece.

Here is where the brush of creativity meets the rigid confines of digital lines, forming an invisible scaffold for our artistic vision.

4 distinctive grid generation functions converge, weaving a complex yet harmonious tapestry.



2 - Packing Algorithm

Into this woven quilt of rectangles and squares, we then usher the dance of the Packing Algorithm.

This mathematical conductor calculates the destined position of each piece, delicately arranging them within the confines of their celestial crib.

Like planets aligning in a distant galaxy, each shape finds its place, balancing the equation of form and space.

24 separate functions, each generating unique segments and pieces that collectively form the broader visual mosaic.



3 - Growth Algorithm

Finally, within the heart of this interstellar ballet, pulses the Growth Algorithm, the lifeblood of our creation.

From the canvas's silent ground, the pieces unfurl, sprouting through the layers of coded parameters.

It is here, in this digital terrain, where the illusion of the third dimension is born, giving rise to the perception of depth and volume.

The shadows deepen, the highlights gleam - our generative landscape takes a breath, growing from an abstract seed to a 3D marvel.

39 distinct functions, each dictating the height of the individual elements.




Instead of showcasing static images, we've inscribed a rendering script on Inscription 19698006. Each piece in the collection is an inscription of HTML code that live-renders your Rising Echoes.



The Inspirational Journey

Mondrian's Influence

The spark of inspiration ignited from the artistic flame of Mondrian, his renowned recursive subdivision of the grid acting as a guiding star in this creative journey.

The process unfurled through a tapestry of experimentation.



From 3D to 2D Subdivisions

Initial attempts saw the birth of 3D subdivisions, crafted with the precision of three.js.

Yet, drawn to the artistic intimacy of 2D - akin to the brushstrokes on a canvas - I elected to venture down this path. Here, I drew from past experiments as creative wellsprings.



The Birth of Rising Echoes

With the application of subdivision, the first tangible pieces of this artistic puzzle emerged.

Inspired by the idea of multiplying figures ascendant from the canvas, the moniker "Rising Echoes" surfaced, encapsulating and defining the essence of this work.



Chromatic Homage

A total of 96 color palettes were selected, including tributes to sci-fi movie posters. Can you guess the other films?



Inscription: Block 78 sats

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

File size: 819kB

Library: p5@1.6.0